Nach der erfolgreichen ersten Ausgabe von „Dass Bürro – Edition Swing“ laden wir euch auf ein weiteres Filmspektakel ein! Zu sehen gibt es diesmal das Hollywood Highlight von 1948 „KILLER DILLER“!!!

Einlass mit Musik: 19:00 Uhr
Filmstart: 20:00 Uhr
Filmende: 21:13 Uhr
Danach: Musik bis 22:00 Uhr

Killer Diller is a 1948 American musical comedy-drama film directed by Josh Binney and released by All American.

The movie features The Clark Brothers (tap dancers), Nat King Cole, Moms Mabley, Dusty Fletcher, Butterfly McQueen, the Andy Kirk Orchestra and the Four Congaroos (dancing Lindy Hop).

Dusty Fletcher plays a comic, tap dancer and bad magician. While practicing his routine for that evening’s variety show, he accidentally vanishes Lola (Nellie Hill), the girlfriend of the show’s manager Baltimore Dumdone (George Wiltshire). She was wearing a thousand-dollar string of pearls and it seems most likely that criminality is afoot.

Dusty’s slapstick antics take up a large portion of the film’s first act, with some Keystone cop type schtick thrown in when four police officers (Fredie Robinson, William Campbell, Edgar Martin and Sidney Easton) begin chasing Dusty in and out of his disappearance-cabinet.

Mehr Info zum Film:

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
Das Team vom Das Bürro und Bloody Hot Swing

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