Slow Lindy vs. Fast Blues with GIEDRE & JOE – May 2nd & 3rd

Slow Lindy vs. Fast Blues with Giedre (LT) and Joe (UK)

Saturday (2.5.) 12:30-15:30 – Lindy Hop
Sunday (3.5.) 12:30-15:30 – Fast Blues

All experience levels welcome! Blues or Lindy Basics required.

There is a tempo where Lindy Hop is danced most comfortably, not too fast, not too slow. When you try to dance faster it requires certain changes in the way you move your body and connect with your partner. The same is also true when you slow it down. On Saturday we will work on how to move and connect so that you can keep dancing even when the music gets really slow.

On Sunday we will be focusing on the Delta/Chicago Blues side of things with its more pumping, guitar driven rhythms. Here we will be focusing on the two-step and its variations. You will be getting some funky footwork, moves and will be dancing to a much more upbeat tempo.

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