January BALBOA Classes with Marie&Gašper – 3 TUESDAYS:

Marie and Gašper love dancing together and they both love sharing their knowledge and concept of what makes balboa BALBOA.

This Special Edition of Balboa workshops will offer two levels or themes. Please read through following description carefully and pick the one (or two) that has drawn you in the most. Be honest to your feelings, not to your thoughts. This way you will get the most out of it.

THOMPSON level and TAKIER level; both are dedicated to experienced balboa dancers from intermediate and above.

THOMPSON level will be designed to clay your dance with new perspectives over basics and improvement. This involves deeper insight into body mechanics, pivots and torque, connectionship, footwork techniques, improvisation practices and lots of space to smoothen out the transitions. If you’re a kind of dancer that want to become a better social dancer, working on lines and aesthetics, or you might even think on competing, then this level suites perfectly to meet your needs.

TAKIER level on the other hand will be designed towards experimental practices that might expand your potential, add in playfulness and musicality. „Do I Know Where I Am Going?“ is going to be a quote of guidance, wisdom and attitude that will meet our choices at subconscious and conscious level of awareness. If you are a kind of a dancer who can pull together complex moves on a request of your teachers, if you are open minded, or simply in a search of the detail that might change your dance, then don’t hesitate to step on a journey at TAKIER level.

(Die Anmeldung ist geschlossen / past event)

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